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The Tokka 100 Challenge Community

~ Sokka x Toph ~

Tokka 100
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Welcome to tokka100, a fanfiction challenge community for the wonderfully explosive pairing of Tokka! (Yes, indeed, this was inspired by the lovely zutara100 community. ^_^)

What is Tokka?
    Tokka, or Sokka x Toph, is a fanon couple from Avatar: the Last Airbender. For more info about the show, check out Distant Horizon.

'100 Themes'? What's that mean?
    Basically, this was inspired by zutara100 and all of those fic claims communities like fanfic100 and 30_memories only with a Tokka slant. These themes are for use as a starting point in writing Sokka/Toph fic, be it romantic, friendship, or otherwise. ♥

What are the guidelines?
    It must be Tokka. You can utilize all of the characters from the series, but it must come down to Tokka in some manner.
    It must be based on one of the themes. Mentioning it in passing is not the same as basing the fic on a theme. These themes can be applied in many ways, you just need to be creative!
    Minimum word count is 100 words.
    Do not reuse an old fic and label it with one of the themes. This comm is for generating new Tokka fic, not recycling old ones. However using a theme to remix - not rewrite - an older fic is fine.
    Fics must be written in English only, although the occasional use of Chinese or Japanese (in fitting with the story and setting) is fine. Just try to provide a translation, ne? ^_^
    Do not use netspeak or sticky caps. Things like "ur" and "omg" and "tYpInG lIKe thIS" are absolutely not allowed in the body of the fic. You can comment any way you'd like, but the fic itself must be in correct English.

Do I have to write the fics in order?
    Nope, just write in whatever order inspires you.

Do I have to use all the themes?
    No, but keep in mind that the goal is to write a fic for every theme, and complete the Tokka 100 challenge. Those who complete all 100 themes will receive a nifty banner and be given recognition on the the community profile!

Can I use a theme more than once?
    Feel free to, but you've only truly completed the challenge if all 100 themes have been written. Thus, if you write 100 fics but several use the same theme, then you won't be considered as having completed the challenge.

Can I use more than one theme per fic?
    No, you can only use one (as in, 1) theme per fic. If it somewhat ties in with another theme that's fine, but it comes down to only one theme for each fic.

Is fanart okay to post here?
    Fic only, please!

What format should be used for fics?
    First off lj-cut and fake links are your friends! All fic information should be above the cut/link. Please use something resembling the following format:

    Title of the cut should have the theme and number in it along with an original title (ex: Tokka100 - #064 Reverse; Title).
    Paragraphs should be separated to make them easier to read.

What about tags?
    All fics should be tagged! If you need to request a tag, comment at this post. Please tag all entries in the format shown below.
        author: username
        theme: number - theme
    Example: author: takerzmuse, theme: 098 - adjust

Er...I've finished all 100 fics. What do I do now?
    Well, to receive your banner, comment here and I'll get right on it. After that...well, I guess that's up to you! ^.~

001.Time 002.Past 003.Future 004.Present 005.Sound
006.Scent 007.Taste 008.Touch 009.Vision 010.Sensuous
011.Elemental 012.Stone 013.Ice 014.Seasonal 015.Freeze
016.Melt 017.Weather 018.Sand 019.Battle 020.Ceasefire
021.Struggle 022.Diversion 023.Tribal 024.Traditions 025.Foolhardy
026.Trials 027.Help 028.Hinder 029.Male 030.Female
031.Family 032.Friends 033.Rival 034.Partner 035.Games
036.Sarcasm 037.Tactless 038.Tolerance 039.Fear 040.Apathy
041.Love 042.Hate 043.Outside 044.Inside 045.Clean
046.Dirty 047.Blush 048.Kiss 049.Feet 050.Hands
051.Hair 052.Eyes 053.Skin 054.Unwritten 055.Recorded
056.Legacy 057.Talent 058.Control 059.Paint 060.Costume
061.Façade 062.Bend 063.Stretch 064.Reverse 065.Birth
066.Life 067.Death 068.Day 069.Night 070.Sun
071.Moon 072.Stars 073.Win 074.Lose 075.Rend
076.Slight 077.Slur 078.Drunk 079.Stumble 080.Dance
081.Who 082.What 083.When 084.Where 085.Why
086.How 087.Unyielding 088.Flow 089.Ricochet 090.Stuck
091.Bound 092.Erode 093.Fish 094.Forage 095.Hunt
096.Fleeting 097.Eternal 098.Adjust 099.Seizure 100.Foundation

    If you want to keep track of your themes in your journal or such, then here's the table code for ya!

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