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27 September 2008 @ 08:18 am
42. Hate--Of Barren Icy Wastelands  
Title: Of Barren Icy Wastelands
Author: DLAMiss
Prompt: #42
Rating: G
Warning: None
Word Count: 226
Summary: Toph just hates it here.


042. Hate

Sokka regarded the small Earthbender like a man would while trying to decide whether to approach a raging moose-lion. She was obviously miserable, and after a few years travelling with their friends, he knew that Toph tended to lash out—trying to spread the misery, he supposes.

Nonetheless, he approached, “Toph, are you okay? Katara—”

Under the dozen furs that were wrapped around her, she managed to pull one arm free to signal him to shut the hell up. She shivered and pulled the furs closer. If she could see, she probably would’ve crucified him with her glares.

“I’m freezing, Snoozles.” Toph sighed, “Why did Sugar Queen and Twinkles have to tie the freaking knot here of all places?”

Sokka smiled weakly, “Oh cheer up, Toph. It’s not so bad! The snow is really pretty—”

“Yeah,” Toph agreed, “If I can actually see it—”

“And there’s lots of open space—”

“—covered with ice, and snow, and there isn’t one inch of earth for me to walk on—”

“—and the food here is delicious!”

“—says you.” Toph snapped. “To be perfectly honest, I hate your home. This barren icy wasteland is worse than Gao Ling and Ba Sing Se combined.”

Sokka frowned. The prospect of Toph hating his home burned, so did the engagement necklace in his pocket.