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08 July 2008 @ 12:13 am
Title: Man and Wife
Author: the_writer27
Rating: K+
Prompt: # 80: Dance
Warning(s): Suki does not, and never did, exist.
Word Count: 258
Summary: It's not that she doesn't like to. She's just saving the first for someone special.
Author's Notes: So. Has anyone seen The Village? If I hadn't been expecting something like a toned down horror with better acting and something of a plot when I went to go see it, I would have liked it better. Knowing that this director is gonna be in charge of my Avatar kinda dissapoints me. However, in that movie there was one little part that stood out to me.
Disclaimer: Avatar: The Last Airbender, its ideas and characters. belong to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who, for some reason, have agreed to let their amazing series be made into a live action movie.
To be directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
That guy.

Katara's hair is probably flowing in the wind and Aang is probably wearing the biggest smile. Toph can pinpoint their footsteps lightly dancing in the middle of the crowd. Was there ever any doubt? The Avatar and the Waterbending Master of the South, dancing under stars and among friends at a smallish but lively wedding feast in their honor. Toph had felt them dance once before, nearly five years ago in a cave, among strangers. They'd changed very little since. Passion was still evident in every step that they leapt and their hearts were beating in harmony with each other.
Toph smiled a little to herself. A few bold young men had asked her to dance, but she'd declined. It wasn't that she didn't like to. She was just saving the first for someone special.
"Hey, Toph. It's good to see you again."
His voice is a little deeper, but by her feet she can tell that little else has changed about him in the past year they've been apart. He takes a seat beside her, leans in close.
"They look good together, don't they?"
She grins and nods.
They sit in comfortable silence, itching to engage in a battle of sarcasm, but it's she who speaks first.
"When we're married, will you dance with me?"
She doesn't turn her head toward him or make any more to indicate the weight of what she's just asked.
"Yeah... when we're married, I'll dance with you."
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