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07 July 2008 @ 11:35 pm
Title: Soles
Author: the_writer27
Rating: K+
Prompt: # 8: Touch
Warning(s): Western Air Temple spoilers? Puh-leez.
Word Count: 398
Summary: He was aware that he was the only one who had ever touched her feet like this. With permission.
Author's Notes: N/A
Disclaimer: Avatar: The Last Airbender, its ideas and characters. belong to Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, who, for some reason, have agreed to let their amazing series be made into a live action movie.
To be directed by M. Night Shyamalan.
That guy.

"I'm fine."
He glanced at her and relaxed slightly. He never saw Toph as blind. Never. She could see a lot better than most people. She could see him. Sure, she didn't know the color of his eyes or the exact shape of the scar he earned during the Black Sun invasion attempt. But she knew roughly hoe he was thinking, and right now he was thinking that, once again, he hadn't been there to protect someone. Not that she needed it. He was pretty sure that she was telling the truth about the burning being accidental. She could take Zuko down easily. Sokka actually almost pitied the guy in a few day's time, when his best friend was literally back o her feet again.
"The burns make my feet feel numb. Everything is fuzzy," she confessed.
He'd helped her out of the fountain and arranged a few of their sleeping bags into a back rest while they waited for dinner.
"I could massage them for you," he offered.
For a second, she thought there was an irritated flinch in her eye and he prepared himself for her fist slamming into the ancient temple stone. But she only nodded. A half nod.
Her feet were small, and if it wasn't for the way her toes curled he would have thought her delicate. Just for a moment. His own hands were calloused, but she didn't seem to notice. Or perhaps she liked it. That thought thrilled him a little bit more than it should have, her being three years younger and unaware of how much the simple touch of his thumb to the scarred sole of her foot was putting him at ease. It was so unlike the jittery and awkward tensions he felt around other girls. And it was just a simple touch. There wasn't even anything remotely intimate about it.
"That feels good, Sokka," she breathed, a little grunt in it that should have made him pull away as quickly as possible, but only made him want to hear it again.
"Your heart is beating faster," she remarked after he produced the sound from her throat twice more. Two of his fingers press gently into the instep of her foot.
He was aware that he was the only one who had ever touched her feet like this. With permission.
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